Thursday, May 14, 2015

Memories 2010

A game made for fun in 2010 and will be remaked (the BG, BGM and Character Sprites)
The story will also be remaked and will be released in English.
This version is in Indonesian.

This is a story about a girl named Chelsea who had just graduated from her school and is attending a special class.
Somehow there's an unexpected turn of events; her family's gone for a month to enjoy some vacation at France, leaving Chelsea all alone.
The days at this special class will be the days she won't want to forget.

Genre: Comedy, 13+
Credits mostly to Ar Tonelico and randomly searching from internet :)

Original Script, character and CG Art.

Language : Indonesia

Download the file from here:
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :
Part 5 :

Download the parts and merge it using HJSPLIT :)
How to Use :

After downloading, merging and ectracting, you have to replace 1-10.rpyc with this file:
1-10.rpyc is located at the game folder and this needs to be done due to some bugs.

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